Expression through lyrics

Artists like Miley Cyrus use their songs to tell a story that portrays raw emotion


Isa Cerna, Staff Writer

After going viral on Tik Tok and becoming the number one hottest new song on Spotify, Apple Music, and the Billboard 100, Miley Cyrus´s song Flowers sparked theories for the meaning behind the lyrics. The song portrays a strong, independent woman while fans dig deeper into the roots that inspired the artist´s production of the song.

Many fans believe that the Flowers is a response to the song When I Was Your Manby Bruno Mars, the song her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, dedicated to Cyrus on their wedding day. Only eight months after the wedding, the couple broke up, allegedly leading to ‘Flowers’ creation. In addition, The song was released on Hemsworth’s birthday, leaving fans certain that the song was in relation to him.

Despite the lack of certainty on the meaning behind “Flowers”, many artists write their songs using  inspiration from their personal life. These composers incorporate their raw feelings and emotions into their song lyrics so that they can communicate their feelings into words. Due to this, the general public may feel a connection to the lyrics that can help them through the tough times in their own life.

 “A lot of people express their feelings through music; it’s just what they´re able to do,” junior Mya Hernon  said. “So, I feel like [creating music] gets a lot of anger and weight off the [artist’s] chest when they can sing [their songs] and other people relate to it as well.”

Artists such as Oliva Rodrigo, Shakira, and Taylor Swift have referred to past relationships in their hit songs. All of these songs have appealed to fans as a way to peek into the celebrities’ personal lives. 

“I think that ‘Good 4 U’ [by Olivia Rodrigo] is kind of the same as ‘Flowers’,” says junior Sophia Macari. “I feel like they can affect teenagers going through breakups. Instead of having sad songs, they are really cool and powerful songs.”

Flowers is an example of how artists have their own problems beyond the fame and wealth that others envy. Writing and singing about these issues and feelings gives celebrities a more human side to which people can relate. “We´re not all perfect, and we all have situations and stuff that we´re going through,” sophomore Mya Simpson said. “I feel like [celebrities] singing these songs can really show that they struggle too. Even if they don´t show it by their Instagram pictures or Tik Tok, they actually struggle like all of us.”