Super Bowl LVII divides Kelce household

Brothers face-off in Super Bowl for the first time in history.


Xavier Barmore, Staff Writer

The “Kelce Bowl” went to younger brother Travis Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs ended, Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles’ season 38-35 on Sunday, February 12th, in a thrilling Super Bowl LVII.
Despite the result, the Eagle’s offensive line was spectacular in the passing game, allowing just three total pressures all hurries, across 42 pass-blocking snaps on the first review. All five starters earned a pass-blocking grade above 74.0, with Jordan Mailata, Lane Johnson, and Jason Kelce each keeping a clean sheet for the game. Travis Kelce recorded six receptions on six targets for 81 yards and a touchdown. Despite the loss, Jason Kelece came over to congratulate his brother.
“Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. I was a little emotional when I saw my mom and dad. Trav, I was not too emotional about it. I was just like, congratulations,'” Jason said from
With Travis taking home the Lombardi Trophy, ending the Kelce sibling rivalry, what does this say about sibling rivalries in everyday households?
Sibling rivalry is the fighting, jealousy, and competition that takes place between brothers and sisters. And in many households around the world. If a family has more than one child, you can bet that sibling rivalry is present.
Sibling rivalry is not always a bad thing, sibling rivalry can push siblings to become better at the things they do, or help them bond in activities they enjoy doing like what Stefon and Tevon Diggs, Eli and Peyton Manning, J.J. Watt, Derek Watt ,and T.J. Watt have done.
“Me and my brother been playing soccer together our whole lives, and there is great chemistry between us on the field and it shows,” junior Angel Cabrera said.
However, too much squabbling and competition can also be hurtful and can have lasting effects on how children view themselves and their family relationships. Narcissistic families are often the cause of sibling rivalry. Narcissistic families pit siblings against each other by attempting to keep everyone in their place, teaching them they need to work for attention or that they do not deserve it at all. Despite the differences between siblings, not all rivalries have to last forever.
“I and my brother’s relationship is good because he and I went through things and bonded over it,” sophomore Ava Martinelli said.
Sibling rivalry can also be remedied by parents telling their children similar things about their love for them and their uniqueness. Giving children equal attention can create a more healthy environment and not make them feel as if they have to compete for your attention.
Siblings normally spend more time with each other during their childhood than they do with parents or anyone else; they trust and cherish each other.
“Siblings-the definition that comprises, love strife, competition, and forever friends,” Byron Pulsifer, a Canadian motivational speaker said.