The Alix Earle Effect


Neena Ellis, Reporter

Have you ever bought something from your Tiktok for you page? Over the past couple of months things like bronzing drops, Rare Beauty blush, and Stanley cups have seemingly become more and more popular.

Tiktok’s Newest it girl Alix Earle became an overnight sensation with Get Ready with Me. In the videos, Earle talks about her life and doing her famous perfect makeup. Fans of the influencer quickly made a list of all the products like  Rare Beauty liquid blush in the shades Happy and Hope, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer, the famous Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops, and more. All of the products seemingly disappeared overnight after fans reportedly raced to buy the products.

“People have been talking about it over consumption where people are buying more things that they need,” junior Maddy Bird said,  “and now you can’t get anything and everything is already backed up.”

After Earle’s Get Ready with Me went viral, many Tiktokers hopped on the trend of the style of the videos. ‘Get ready with Me for school’  is one of the more popular GRWMs on the app. During the videos, people talk about what is going on in their life, relationship issues, and school drama.

“ I like Alix Earle’s Tiktoks a lot because they’re very entertaining and I think to be an influencer you probably need to have a very big social life,” junior Karmen Linker said “and some of these people are like ‘Get Ready with Me’ for school and they’re just talking about basic stuff, so you have to have intriguing stuff.”

Earle is not the only influencer who causes things to sell. Emilie Kiser has gained popularity and has caused things to go viral and sell out as well. Kiser grew in popularity with her hair tutorials, Get Ready with Me, running errands with her family, and filling her Stanley or making a Dr.Pepper.

 Kiser along with many other influencers, boosted the popularity of the Stanley Cup. Stanley Cups range in price anywhere from $30-$60 and are known for keeping things cooler for a long period of time. They are now hard to find.

“I have the smaller size of the cup,”  freshman Tessa Waters said. “I don’t really get the point of the bigger size, but it keeps my drinks colder and it keeps it long-lasting for cheer and games.”

Fans for Earle and Kiser and many other influencers who do their style of videos are coined as older siblings or best friends giving advice to their fans. Posts on social media platforms can cause fans to see and help with their personalities or help form hobbies or find things that they enjoy.

  “I personally think that Alix is a lot different because of how comforting she is,” said Linker. “She normalizes stuff that other influencers act to be perfect upon like whenever she first wakes up, it’s not like she’s always looking perfect for the content she’s posting; she’s showing her raw life,”